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Spear-fishing in Croatia

Any guest of Villa Vasilisa is able to practice any activity he can imagine. One of them is spear-fishing. This can be described as knight's skill that is developed in extreme conditions and that requires excellent psychophisical state and what is necessary – equipment for this exquisite pleasure. However, special guest of special Villa Vasilisa doesn't have to worry about this 'small detail' – mask, snorkel, flippers, diver's suit and underwater gun are yours from the moment you wish to enter this submarine challange.

And in Croatia and the world, it has been developed since the earliest times – it is true that since those times diving equipment has changed depending on the development and aveliability. Before, knowledge of spear-fishing was aveliable only to the small circle of people, and today it is spread, and of course, it can be practiced on a vacation as Villa Vasilisa offers.

Despite these facts, spear-fishing doesn't stop to be a challange. As time passes by and despite the development of technology, it becomes harder and one of the reasons for that is that sea is poor with fish what is less worrying in Adriatic sea than in other seas of the same climate.

Villa Vasilisa's guest is not interested in big spear-fishing. For him spear-fishing is a sport, relaxing and interesting at the same time because you come back home carrying prey if you are even a bit skilled.


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