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In VIP Villa

Daily atmosphere

Leaving the yard and entering the Villa leads you to a luxoriously equiped living room that offers everything that has comfortably designed home, even more. Decoration of the living room in the attic of the house will make you wish to spend the rest of the year in the luxorious Villa. Descrete, and yet nice – this is how you could describe the atmosphere that expects you. From that atmosphere, view falls to terrace where from you can see the nicest thing Čiovo has – the sea.

Kitchen challange

Since the last century, technology that connects you to the rest of the world is headed by TV – miracle of plazma that is, of course, connected to the satellite – will provide you with a pleasant movie night or informative afternoon during which you can find out everything that happens in the Croatia and broader, and all from the comfort of the living room.

From that same room that is a central part of the house view falls to the kitchen that you will not be able to buy even in the best designer's store, because it was hand made so it could fit in this luxorious atmosphere as much as possible. Of course, it is equiped as any other kitchen where hosts want more than just a stove – even the one who is not proud of his ways in the kitchen will wish even just to try.

Peaceful sleep in the pleasant atmosphere

Pleasant sleep in ensured in carefully designed rooms where you can spend your rest moments in exceptionaly comfortable atmosphere where you forget any contact with the stressful world outside.

Sauna, massage bath...

Daily rituals of the VIP guest do not stop with a vacation on the island, and the Villa Vasilisa's organization has the answer even to the question of the most demanding guest.

Sauna leads you to the same world you left when you went on vacation, and there is no room for limited offer because offer of the Villa Vasilisa is everything but not limited. In sauna you have the chance to separate yourself from the rest of the company or togethr with them to take an advanture you are used to, but maybe not on vacation and not on 'your own property'. Because Villa Vasilisa offers what even the most luxorious hotel where you come across the staff and other guests that disturb your daily rituals, one of them being sauna, doesn't offer.

On the other hand, bath is of the size of an average bedroom what makes you spend even more time than usual in it. For the most demanding the best answer is a massage bath that you wish not to leave for hours and where, once you leave, you come back again to the fairy tale called luxorious Villa Vasilisa.


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